Introducing the all new Renault Trucks Trafic Red EDITION.

Renault Trucks Trafic Red EDITION

The Renault Trucks Trafic Red EDITION, which joins the Renault Trucks Master Red EDITION, will be available in the UK & Ireland in 2022.

For more than 35 years, Renault Trucks has been putting its century-long expertise in HGVs, coupled with its commercial vehicle dealer network, to use for the benefit of LCV operators. And for several years now, Renault Trucks’ focused strategy has been increasing its market share and innovation that is set to continue with the introduction of the new Renault Trucks Trafic range.

In 2022, the light commercial vehicle market is expected to remain very dynamic, driven by the boom in e-commerce and the increased activity of the SME sector, both of which will be strategically catered for by Renault Trucks. To meet this diversity of working requirements, Renault Trucks is extending its range of commercial vehicles and launching the Trafic Red EDITION.

At Renault Truck Commercials, we cater for every application, single and double cab, single and double chassis, platform cab, all are available to meet the unique challenges of your business. We also offer our customers a completely tailored service to their operational needs, with servicing, excellent parts availability and expert technicians to repair and maintain vehicles to the highest standards, keeping our customers’ fleets rolling 24/7.

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