Unveiling the Renault Trucks Range D and D Wide 2020

Published: 19th December 2019

Renault Trucks is launching the 2020 versions of its range of distribution vehicles. The D and D Wide are fitted with a refreshed ergonomic and comfortable interior design, safety features and aerodynamic equipment. The new versions of Renault Trucks’ distribution vehicles are 100% connected.


A refreshed interior design for greater comfort

Renault Trucks has reworked the interior design of its D and D Wide models. The 2020 versions feature a redesigned dashboard that includes a new steering wheel and a new black and white instrument cluster.

To make the driver’s job easier, a tablet holder, an optional holder for a second smartphone and two USB-C ports have been added. The vehicles are also supplied with new radio equipment, compatible with the DAB+ digital terrestrial radio network.

For a higher level of comfort, Renault Trucks offers its Comfort Pack as an option, which includes a leather steering wheel, a driver’s seat with side support, additional storage compartments, a second smartphone holder and a sunroof (for the D Wide only).

New equipment for increased safety

The Renault Trucks D and D Wide are fitted with adaptive cruise control (ACC) as standard. ACC maintains a safe distance from the vehicle in front by automatically adjusting acceleration and braking for greater safety, smoother driving and reduced driver fatigue.

For improved visibility, the Renault Trucks D and D Wide are available with LED rear lights.

For a high level of safety, Renault Trucks offers its Protect Pack as an option, which includes LED rear lights, a hill start aid, a vision door and a reverse alarm to improve protection for road users. Connected trucks for increased productivity Renault Trucks diesel vehicles are fitted with Euro 6 Step D engines, which are both fuel efficient and environmentally friendly.

To further increase vehicle efficiency and productivity, Renault Trucks D-series models are connected as standard (TGW 4G). They are therefore compatible with Optifleet, Renault Trucks’ fleet management solution. With Optifleet, vehicle activity is managed in real time, which means that the main items of expenditure can be fully controlled. Fleet managers can track the fuel consumption of their vehicles with Optifleet Check and geolocate them in real time with Optifleet Map.

For maximum productivity, Renault Trucks offers its Fuel Eco Pack as an option, which includes an adjustable roof deflector, inhibited power mode, automatic engine stop after three minutes, the Optiroll “free wheel” function (on the D Wide), optimised Fuel Eco gearbox software (on the D Wide) and a clutchable air compressor (on DTI 11 engines only).

The Renault Trucks D and D Wide E engines are compatible with XTL synthetic fuel and biodiesel. The 2020 Range D line up will also see the introduction of 100% electric D and D Wide Z.E. models.

Interested in the Renault Trucks Range D or D Wide 2020 models? Contact your local Renault Truck Commercials dealership today to discuss how these trucks are suited to your business. 

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