#ProudProfessionals relaunch powers up industry pride

Published: 14th April 2020

Today, #ProudProfessionals, the campaign that celebrates the skilled people who work across the commercial vehicle industry, officially kicks off its relaunch to power up more pride in the industry.

Bold new branding, with a logo inspired by a 6x2 axle configuration and a new tagline, ‘We keep the nation running’, underscores the vital role the transport industry plays in delivering the essentials of our daily lives, stimulating trade, business efficiency and growth.

“Originally launched in 2017, #ProudProfessionals has been shining a light on our industry’s dedicated, highly-trained people, encouraging them to take more pride in their roles and in the value of their work."
- Alex Williams, Head of Brand & Communications - Renault Trucks UK & Ireland, on announcing the relaunch.

"Current circumstances demonstrate just how vital the transport industry is to our country. Virtually everything we eat, the products and medicines we use, are safely delivered by a truck or van that is operated, driven and maintained by #ProudProfessionals. Our hashtag is already well known, and while #ProudProfessionals has never been more relevant, we’ve always been in this for the long term; our reinvigorated campaign is the next step in helping to celebrate the great people who make up this great industry.”

As part of the relaunch, a short animation introduces the revitalised #ProudProfessionals campaign. The refreshed website, proudprofessionals.co.uk showcases the people who make the difference; a ‘ProudProfessionals Champions’ gallery focuses on real people and real stories, with user generated content that fosters collaboration, camaraderie and industry pride. A series of ProudProfessionals Champions Awards will be presented throughout the year to recognise those going above and beyond.

A social media campaign will support the relaunch, helping to attract and engage with a wider audience. #ProudProfessionals will also be promoted in the national media, working with key trade publications, and with market activations throughout the year.

Show your support by spreading the word and telling your positive stories about our indistry - and don't forget to use the hashtag! 

VISIT the #ProudProfessionals website today: proudprofessionals.co.uk

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